QuIP/Nordqic Workshop

13 Juni 2018 tot 15 Juni 2018

The 1st QuIP/NordiQC Workshop in Brugge, Belgium is aimed to give an update on basic and advanced immunohistochemical methods applied in diagnostic pathology, particularly for the classification of the unknown primary tumour as well as breast, lung and haematolymphoid tumours. The workshop will particularly focus on
- understanding the three phases in the technical test approach
- planning and diagnostic use of antibody panels
- optimization of staining protocols
- use of recommended tissue controls
- identification and handling of technical and diagnostic pitfalls
- image analysis of immunostains for diagnostic use

The target group comprises biomedical technicians and scientists or equivalent with some experience in immunohistochemistry, and residents and consultants in clinical and surgical pathology with special interest in the technical parts of immunohistochemistry. Maximum number of participants: 60.

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